About us

Ground Lift recordings is a vintage recording studio in Alkmaar (the Netherlands) with a wide range of possibility’s, a primary focus on vintage recording equipment and analogue sound. We bring back the sound of tape with a range of tape recorders. among wich a 24 track Telefunken tape recorder. Surrounded by high end outboard gear we take care of your needs and wishes concerning your recordings.

We are a team of two engineers. Aside from analogue recordings we also offer the possibility of digital and ‘hybrid’ recordings. We have experience in a variety of genres and are very passionate about our work. In collaboration with you we will dedicate ourselves to create the desired recordings and pursue highest quality.

Ground Lift recordings has three rooms, a 50 m2 live room, a 25 m2 iso booth and a 40 m2 control room. In our studio we have created a controlled and warm ambiance. Thanks to our variety of rooms we are able to record a whole band at once. So we can maintain the feeling and the musical interplay.

Our goal is to make everyone who visits our studio feel at home and comfortable, so your creativity can best be expressed. Want to know more about us? We like to invite you to check out our services for further information. And Also, check out our Instagram for more studio pictures. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

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Ground Lift Recordings is proud partner of OD&D Vintage Audio