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Large diaphragm condenser microphones

ADK Hamburg (2x)
Akg Perception 400
Akg 414 B ULS (2x)
Akg 414 EB
Akg C535 EB
Behringer b1
Gefell UM 705
Neumann TLM-170i
Neumann TLM-171 (k67 membrane like U87)
Rode nt1
RFT,Gefell pm 60 (2x)
SE electronics Z5600a TUBE
Sony C38B (2x)

Small diaphragm condenser microphones

Akg Se 300B (2x)
Akg C451-C (2x) With ck1 capsel
Akg C451-EB (2x)
Akg 452-EB
Altec Lansing 195A
Beyer m160 (Strasser M200) (2x)
Calrec CB20C
Neumann km 100
Rode nt5 matched pair
Rode M5 matched pair
Strasser Shoeps cm 060 (3x)
Shoeps CM 640 TUBE
Sennheiser MKH 105 (2x)

Dynamic Microphones

Akg D112
Akg D12
Akg D 1200 E (2x)
Akg (the rocket)
Audix OM2xb
Audix D-one
Audio Technica ATM41
Beyer dynamic soundstar m400
Electro Voice PL6
Echolette ES14
Echolette top12 (akg D12)
Shure sm 57 (4x)
Shure sm 57 unidyne III
Shure sm 58 (3x)
Shure 545SD + A55M
Shure TLM57
Sennheiser MD 421 (6x)
Sennhieser 541 (2x)
Sennheiser MD42 (2x)
Vintage (unknown) Bullet microphone
Zeck ZM40

Ribbon Microphones

Beyer dynamic M 200
Beyer dynamic M 500N
SE electronics X1 R

Outboard gear


Ashly CL52E (Compressor)
Bss dpr-201 (2x) (Multiband compressor)
Dolby 361 a type. Cat no.22 (3x) (Noise reduction)
Dolby 360 a type. Cat no. 22 (2x) (Noise reduction)
Dolby M16H 24 channel (Noise reduction)
Drawmer DL251 (2x) (Compressor/Limiter)
Drawmer DS201 (2x) (Gate)
DBX 160X (2x) (Compressor)
DBX 160-A (Compressor)
Dna dymond (2x) (Compressor)
Dna Dictator (2x) (Limiter)
EL8-X Distressor (2x) (Compressor/Limiter)
EL7 Fatso Jr (Compressor/Tape saturation)
MXR Dual Limiter (Limiter)
SPL De-Esser (Dynamics)
Spl transient designer (Dynamic effect processor)
TL audio c-2021 (Valve compressor/eq)
Urei 1178 (Compressor/Limiter)
Urei LA4 (Compressor/Limiter)
Urei LA-22 (Compressor/expander/limiter)
Yamaha GC2020B (Compressor/Limiter)


Amek pure path (Neve Design) (2x) (8CH Line Driver)
Amek Recall 55x Console preamp
Amek Recall 4x Rupert Neve Preamp
Avalon 737 (Tube channel strip)
Art voice channel (Tube preamp/channel strip)
Ampex mono preamp (Vintage preamp)
Focusrite Isa 428 (4ch preamp)
Golden age project (Vintage preamp)
Presonus studio channel (Tube preamp/channel strip)
TL audio channel strip (Tube preamp/channel strip)
Vintage Neumann,Telefunken,TAB,WSW,Siemens Sitral Disctrete amps (In Maintanance for racking)


Aphex aural exiter type-C (Exiter)
Aphex aural exiter type-c big bottom (Exiter)
Echolette E51 (Tape Delay)
EMT 240 goldfoil (Plate reverb)
EMT 140 (Plate reverb)
Korg SDD-3000 (Digital Delay)
Lexicon PCM70 (Digital FX Processor)
Lexicon LXP-15 (Fx processor)
Rupert neve 5042 (Tape saturation)
Roland SDE 1000 (Digital Delay)
Roland SRV 330 (Space reverb)
T.C. electronic M. one XL (FX Processor)
The culture vulture (Distortion)
Yamaha Rev-7 (Fx processor)
Yamaha SPX 990 (Multi FX)


DBX 231 (Graphic eq)
Klark teknik dn-360 (Graphic eq)
Klark teknik dn-410 (Parametric eq)

Recording equipment


AEG/Telefunken M15A (24 track 2’’) (Coming very soon)
Ampex ATR 700 (2 track 1,4’’)
Telefunken M15 (2 track 1,4’’)
Telefunken M15A (2 track 1,4’’) (In service)
Telefunken M5B ( 2 track 1,4’’) (In service)


Amek recall 56 channel console, with 4x neve channels and computer for automation


SSL alpha link 24 i/o


Auratone 5-c (Reference speaker)
B&W BM12 (Hi-Fi speakers)
Genelec Triamp S30 (Nearfield monitors)
Klein en Hummel OY (Nearfield monitors)
Yamaha ns 1000M (Midfield monitors)



Roland SH201 (Synthesizer)
Edirol Midi keys (Midi Keyboard)
Fender Rhodes Mark II (Organ)
Hammond Organ 1825OK (Organ)
Korg keyboard/workstation (Workstation)
Miazzi Vintage organ/Synth (Organ)
Philips Philicorda (Organ)
Yamaha Keyboard DX11 (Synthesizer)


Pearl ELX series (Drumkit)
CB series (Drumkit)
Different crashes, cymbals, and hi-hats (o.a. Sybian)

Guitar/Bass Amps

Ashdown (Bass amp)
Session Duette 112 (Guitar Amp)
Marshall 8080 (Guitar Amp)
Fender Deluxe (Guitar Amp)