In our studio we do our best to provide a range of possibility’s to meet your wishes and expectations. We offer the following possibility’s:

Full analogue recording and mixing

In our studio we use a Telefunken M15A 24 track tape recorder for recordings. This allows us to record 24 audio tracks at once. With our 56 channel Amek recall console and a wide range of high end outboard gear we can provide a fully analogue recording. The whole mix will be done on analogue equipment and mixed down to a 2 track stereo Telefunken M15 recorder.

Hybrid recording and mixing

With hybrid recording and mixing we combine the best of both worlds. We combine the two worlds of analogue en digital equipment. This gives many possibility’s to shape your music to your wishes end expectations.

Full digital recording and mixing

Aside from analogue and hybrid recordings we also offer the possibility of a fully digital recording and mixing. With our SSL analogue/digital conversion we can garanty a clean sound without any additions from the analogue world.

Rehearse at Ground Lift Recordings

We can also make our studio available for rehearsel. You will get a stereo recording of the rehearsel which you can take home and evaluate. There will also be a engineer pressent and available at all times during your rehearsels. If you ar looking for a space to expres your creativity we are the place for you.

Use our equipment

Are you a engineer or do you make your own music at home and you feel that you are missing something in your recordings? Maybe we can help you. We can put your tracks through our high end outboard gear and recorders to help get your tracks to a higher level.
Check out our gear list to see if we have got what you need. We can provide the possibility of combining different equipment for the results you want.